My mission like architect is to make world easier

Jon Copestake

My mission like photographer is to make world easier

Working on the Project we tried to prove to Client and to ourselves that concrete could be warm, wood could be smooth and metal could be soft. The project, that we had to deal with, was a 3-level penthouse with total space of 380m2 , located in the heart of the city on Dnieper river. Third floor of the apartment was an open terrace facing a Kyiv left bank panorama on a south-east with total space of 250 m2. Client request was simple: nothing but eco-friendly materials, open space and high quality life for a young man with a 7 year old child. Although, client chose to express his stylistic preferences by referring to a musical composition. Nothing plastic, artificial or shining. Nothing excessive.

As ceiling lighting does not require a plastic plafond and ventilation box – a diffuser.

You just hide them behind the wooden batten. You do not need a chandelier, you just fill the room with light by directing a strong light flow right on to the ceiling and you get it soft and diffused. In this project you will not find moldings on a ceiling, plastic ventilation ramps, halogen blocks or multilevel gypsum panels. Instead, we would like to please you with open concrete, lack of footstalls and simple solutions to complex tasks. The development of the general concept, project design, and engineering process until construction took one year. High speed construction process took another year and a half. And taking into account that every day a person gets more mature and experienced, every day the project underwent improvement and adaptation.

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