KL®megla stands for...

1. German quality

In the creation of its product lines, KL-megla® only uses the finest quality materials, like solid German brass, aluminum, titanium and stainless steel.
Each piece is manufactured under the strictest standards, to consistently deliver superior solutions to our customers.

2. Innovative technology

Our products are unique. They include patented adjustment techniques like the zero position and self-closing functions. New products and designs are developed with state of the art Autodesk® Inventor software, and existing models are always being improved. Custom solutions can be designed with our software and implemented according to the clients wishes.

3. Safety

Products and components are tested rigorously and certified to ensure their performance for a lifetime.

We are committed to the quality of our products. Rather than merely comply with the already rigorous standards set by German and European Norms, we went above and beyond to set far more rigorous performance standards for our hardware. KL megla is certified by the prestigious international ratings agency, the TUV.

4. Efficiency

We have tested and certified over 500 variations of our shower door systems, as well as many of our commercial and residential door systems. Most hinges sag over time, creating a liability and an eyesore. The European Norm EN 14.428 requires that shower door systems should be tested for a lifespan of 20,000 cycles. We have set the bar higher. Our hardware is tested, and certified, to 100,000 cycles – that is two showers per day, every day, over 140 years.

No other manufacturer in the industry can make this claim, and with KL-megla®’s unrivaled quality, adjustability and innovative design, our products guarantee a long and sustainable lifespan.

5. Easy installation

Our unique features, such as the patented zero position and slotted hole, makes the installation of our products simple and effortless.

6. Attractive products

The attractive designs, elegant shapes and perfect finishes of our products create a beautiful and luxurious atmosphere.

7. A broad range of standard and custom products

KL megla’s collection includes a wide range of standardized designs, as well as the option to create custom hardware for your specific needs.

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